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Question & Answers

Here is a list of answers to our most asked questions, hopefully this will help quickly answer anything you need to know without having to contact us and wait for a reply. If you are still unsure about something please get in touch using the contact form

  • Do we sell replacement parts and bulbs

    Yes of course, we have lots of parts so if there is something you need dont hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Do you offer a design service

    We dont as such offer design services but more of a consultancy to get the best design for you. We do design our own atomizers yes but this is only for our own collections but are willing to help customers get what they want with our knowledge and vision.

  • Do you have a Minimum order quantity

    We quote accordingly per order so no we dont have a MOQ, we like to offer small perfumers and shops the ability to buy bottles without havig the huge minimums that bottle manufacturers demand.

  • Can i order over the phone?

    Yes we have a sales line which can take orders up until 10pm .  The number to call is 01535 872871 as is charged at local or national rates and prices may vary depending on which provider your with.

    International callers can call the same number by adding 0044 and missing the first zero off the number.

  • Do the atomizers come boxed?


    99% of our atomizers come boxed yes. The handbag atomizers come in the essential atomizer companies own box  which have a funnel pocket in them. Most of the dressing table atomizers also come in essential atomizer co boxes too. The higher end items such come in presentation boxes. In the rare occurance that a box is not included which is the case for certain items it will be mentioned in the listings.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    At the moment we only accept online payments using the pay pal system but now you do not have to have a pay pal account to use it, you can use pay pal as a guest and use almost any credit card to make a payment so it is just like a card payment with the added security of paypal. We also accect bank transfers as a different option. Our bank details are available upon request for payments.

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  • How do you fill & refill dressing table atomizers

    Dressing table atomizers have the spray part on top of the glass bowl and this screws off so you can fill the chamber using the supplied filling funnels to help. You simply pour your frangrance in or if you cannot pour spray it into the funnel.

  • How do you fill & refill handbag / pocket / travel atomizers

    Most of these atomizers have a glass bowl hidden inside a case. Depending on the style will depend on how you get to the glass bowl. In general you twist the top and bottom parts appart until you see the inside in which you fill with you filling funnel. The first time you do this will be the stiffest , after this it will become alot looser. 

    This does not apply to the travalo atomizers or glass atomizers.

    The glass travel atomizers just have a spray top that unscrews so you can fill. 

    The travalo atomizer fill much like refilling a lighter. Please see the pictures on the travalo listings.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    If you can get the payment to us we can get the items to you, We ship to any country. If the website will not alow you to order just send us an email and we will be able to help your with your order.